At Retail’s Digital Summit, Evolution of Retail was at the Forefront

Oct 4, 2016 5:24:00 AM

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Last week, we spent a few days in Dallas gathering with the digital leaders of retail at Retail’s Digital Summit. The team at Radius8 had a great time demoing our technology for those in attendance. Especially, our new Facebook functionality which we announced last week (Press Release).

Throughout the conference the changing tides of retail were evident. Retailers are looking for new ways in which they can utilize technology to enhance customer engagements across channels. It’s no longer a game of E-commerce vs. the store, rather how can digital fully enable e-commerce and the store. This was evidenced by renowned string theorist Michio Kaku’s statement, and I’m paraphrasing: “As descendants of hunters, we want proof of kill. That’s why we’ll always need online and in store experience.”

Another sign of the changing times was the increase in attendees that I spoke with who were in charge of omnichannel strategies and as I called out before the show, store ops/systems. At the end of the day it was evident how exciting and rapidly evolving the retail industry has become.

If we missed you at the summit and you’d like to talk more about how Radius8 solution fits into the ever-evolving retail ecosystem, visit our website and drop us a line, we’d love to show you more.



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