Gen-Z Voice: Leverage Experience To Drive Holiday Foot Traffic

Oct 24, 2017 2:12:30 PM


As winter months draw near, the holiday season approaches, and alongside it comes the accompanying annual rush of shoppers.  Yet as online vendors edge with competitive pricing and convenience to their customers, according to a recent study by Fung Global Retail and Technology, now is the time for your store to draw in audiences with unique opportunities and experiences.


For 2017 holiday shoppers, heading to the store isn’t about getting the best deal for what they purchase as much as it is about the in-store experience.  This winter, retailers are aiming to reach customers beyond products and sales— it’s all about store exploration and the connections that customers form.  According to statistics from Fung Global Retail & Technology, the 56.5% of these customers are drawn to stores by retailers’ ability to introduce them to new products and aid in purchase exploration. In short, engaging with products physically to discover what gifts to buy.  In addition, more than a third of polled customers agreed that they visited stores for the holiday experiences. The value of these in-store shoppers is tremendous, according to a similar study, “Holiday Shopping Intentions Survey” published by ICSC, 81% of shoppers will make additional purchases when coming in to the store to collect in-store fulfilled, online orders.


Traditionally, stores such as New York City’s flagship Macy’s have famously maximized this connection with large, established, in-store attractions, but there are other methods by which your store can target holiday shoppers this year and better connect with the growing cohort of Millennial and Gen Z shoppers.


To take full advantage of the upcoming season’s opportunity for high traffic, stay updated about what is trending in your store’s vicinity.  By learning which items, trends, and buzzwords are popular in your community, your store can optimize its marketing strategies and tailor in-store experiences such as spotlighted items and hosted events. Gen Z shoppers present a tremendous opportunity here, if you learn their language (See my previous post, “Gen Z Voice: From URL to IRL: Learning to Speak the Language of Gen Z”). These younger shoppers are looking for relevant, dynamic, and local experiences to get them into the store this holiday season.


If your brick-and-mortar store is looking to track customer trends and curate based on nearby currents, connect with Radius8 and use your shoppers’ interests to heighten their experiences.  By picking up on nearby happenings and trending topics, Radius8 can help your store laser-focus on its target clientele this holiday season.  Contact us here.




Image Credit: Business Insider


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Sara Chopra

Written by Sara Chopra

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