Gen-Z Voice: Snapchat’s “Paperclip” Introduces New White Space Opportunity to Retailers

Jul 12, 2017 2:02:58 PM

This week we're featuring a guest post from our resident expert on all things Gen-Z - Sara Chopra

Snap, Inc. has developed a new way to connect businesses with customers.  Last Wednesday, Snapchat introduced its new Paperclip update— the app’s first non-paid feature that allows direct linking to website URLs.  Users now have the opportunity to share webpages in conjunction with their Snaps, as well as view links embedded in their friends’ Snaps and Stories.

The app’s latest feature, Paperclip, allows stores, brands, and personal accounts to customize their Snaps by attaching links directly to a photo or video sourced from the user’s Snap camera, Memories, or camera roll.  All that friends and customers have to do is swipe up on the Snap, upon which they’ll be connected to the website all without ever leaving the Snap social platform.

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This new update makes Snapchat a far more multifaceted platform.  When it comes to businesses’ and stores’ accounts, the photo- and video-sharing app’s new feature surpasses Instagram’s link-sharing abilities; aside from advertisements and sponsored posts, the app only allows for one shared link per account— even then, the link is only accessible from accounts’ bios, rather than embedded in specific posts. 

Before Wednesday’s update, Snapchat was the same way— connecting links was only possible through ads on the app’s Discover page.  However, Paperclip shows Snapchat’s increasing versatility, especially for stores and brands taking advantage of the app.  Now, store locations can enable customers to “shop their store” and tailor snaps and links to each location’s clientele. 

With the addition of Paperclip, your store has a new opportunity to drive in-store sales.  Here are a few tips to maximize your store location’s use of Snapchat via Paperclip:

  • Invite customers to shop your Snap. Use Paperclip to couple your website with your Story.  Show your Snapchat Story viewers featured and newly-arrived products in the photo or video of your Snap, then encourage them to swipe up and link to your site without having to leave the app.  This is an easy way for your customers to shop the style they see on your Story.
  • Link a store-specific site. Rather than linking your Snap to your brand’s site, connect it to a site unique to your store location, its catalog, and its popular items.  General brand websites still serve to promote brand products, but they don’t drive in-store purchases and foot traffic.  Brand-wide sites also don’t consider popular events or growing trends in the radius around your store location.
  • Connect with Radius8 and optimize your store location’s online shop. By picking up on nearby events, trends, and local currents, Radius8 can help your store laser-focus on target customers.  Take full advantage of Paperclip by connecting with us to enhance store productivity and generate fresh sales opportunities. With Radius8 you can encourage customers to shop their local store with just a swipe when an associate posts a picture of new arrivals in that store to their story. When it comes to spurring in-store sales based on local interests, Radius8 is the platform to use. To start driving in-store visits and online orders for your store location, contact us here.



Sara Chopra is a 16-year-old student at Princeton Day School in Princeton, New Jersey.  She works as a consultant with JÜV Consulting, providing companies and brands with teen insight.  Connect with her on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Sara Chopra

Written by Sara Chopra

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