Gen-Z Voice: UN Women Advocate Anya Thakur on shaping global industries through diversity and sustainability PART 2

Nov 20, 2018 10:07:00 AM



This is part of a two-part series with Guest Blogger Anya Thakur and her vision on how brands, retailers and corporations can better connect with Generation Z.

We’re in the midst of a watershed year for Gen-Z. As this begins to have its voice heard, brands are realizing that to engage these consumers they create compelling strategies. This is part two of a two-part post that outlines best practices for brands. In part one, which can be found here, we reviewed how influencers and connection impact a brand’s relationship with Gen-Z. In this conclusion, I'll review the other two major factors in their decision to buy: sustainability and impact.



Brands should create value, substance, sustainability, and purpose. Whether it be environmental sustainability to culture sustainability this is extremely important to Gen-Z

  • With the success of films such as Crazy Rich Asians at the box office, it is clear audiences seek diverse, representative stories. And women are feeling empowered to use their voices now more than ever in light of movements such as TIMES UP, showing that they want a chance to share their stories and be heard.


  • Puma leverages cultural sustainability through showcasing duality and authenticity in women such as in its #DoYou campaign


  • Likewise, Dove leverages environmental sustainability through cruelty-free products and has vowed against animal testing



The voices of Gen-Z especially women and girls are driving the development of the world around us. Brands that shine a light on empowerment and Gen-Z using their voices for social good and their ideas to shape the future will be the most successful.


  • Jimmy Choo's creative director Sandra Choi showcases Asian fashion designers such as through working with Crazy Rich Asian's Gemma Chan, who wore designs by Prabal Gurung and Joseph Altuzarra to "reinvent the rules of the red carpet" and champion inclusivity


  • Louis Vitton designed a unique piece of jewelry as a symbol of protection, the #MAKEAPROMISE bracelet, endorsed by Priyanka Chopra and teamed up with UNICEF to support children in need exposed to conflicts, diseases and natural disasters


It's time to take action and for brands to find an authentic vision that connects with people, share their products and passions on a world stage and connect with Gen-Z through the influencers that matter to them. From listening to women's voices, championing representation and making diversity, not only in background but in needs and opinions, a cornerstone of their campaigns, brands can tap an ever-growing market. Gen-Z has the power to make a difference and our ideas, dreams and talents can transform this world. Connecting with the leaders of tomorrow is critical in expanding, rejuvenating and sustaining brands.


About the Author



Anya Thakur is a teen celebrity journalist in the Los Angeles Times, Women’s Voices Editor for Medium, Arts & Entertainment Editor for Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, and Arts & Entertainment journalist for LinkedIn. She has profiled a host of luminaries and artists, activists and actors from Malala Yousafzai to Emma Watson and Oprah Winfrey.

She works closely with organizations including the United Nations, UN Women, We Movement and MetoWe, and the Jane Goodall Foundation to build a better future and empower girls globally as the founder of ShePower.

And as a new advocate for UN Women and the first Indian teen to launch a UN Women campaign, she is honored to join the ranks of luminaries like Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie, known for both their body of work and their activism, and continue to create a lasting legacy for this generation.

Through championing women’s voices, Asian American representation and global change as among the nation’s youngest to be involved with the UN on a global level and as a UN Women advocate, she has found her own voice and aspires to help every potential leader find their own and be a catalyst for change.

Anya Thakur

Written by Anya Thakur

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