Location: The Common Ground between Stores and the Mobile Consumer

Dec 21, 2017 2:22:56 PM

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Fact: Smartphones drove over $2 Billion in Black Friday Sales

Fact: The Average Consumer Spends at least 5X the time on Amazon’s App Compared the Next Most Used Mobile App


While nobody (except Amazon) was looking, mobile has becomes the predominate engagement medium for retailers. The challenge that retailers are facing in their mobile strategy is that Amazon has gained such momentum – how does one catch up?


Regardless of the implementation – mobile web or app (realistically retailers will need both), the key to building competitiveness with a mobile strategy lies in realizing that simply retrofitting your current ecommerce strategy into a different form is not the full solution. Consumers behave in a fundamentally different manner on their mobile devices compared to their desktops.


The key difference – where they are.


Customers are constantly on the move and engaging with the local economy on their mobile devices. From Uber to Yelp, customers expect that the experience will be curtailed to their current location, not their favorite place or where they were three days ago – where they are, right now.


How are retailers participating in this conversation today?


The answer is for the most part – they aren’t. That is largely because they are retrofitting an old shopping paradigm – Ecommerce, into a new one - the mobile customer. In doing this, they are turning a blind eye to one of their biggest assets in world of mobile, where location is essential – their brick and mortar stores.


If I can get a car to pick me up via my mobile device, shouldn’t I be able to shop the store down the block before I get there? Engage with what’s popular in the city I’m currently in? Find recommendations for product that are relevant to me, in this market? For example, a parka when I start my week in NY and sneakers when I arrived in LA on Tuesday.


Location is the glue that ties your mobile customer to you, and your stores are the secret sauce that makes the bond unbreakable, if you leverage them to empower your customers to engage locally.


That, not even Amazon can do yet.






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