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Apr 5, 2017 9:27:43 PM

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Mobile is rapidly becoming the defacto shopping platform. We’ve seen the signs for a while now, but it seems that we are rapidly nearing a tipping point in the desktop vs. mobile shopping paradigm, which started with explosive mobile revenue over the Cyber Monday/Black Friday shopping weekend in 2016. The shift that we are experiencing will only be accelerated as the first wave of theGen Z cohort graduates from college and starts generating and spending their own income. Keep in mind that while the rest of us merely “adopted” mobile devices, Gen Z was born into mobile, and don’t know a world without it. With the ever-growing convenience provided by our mobile devices and the growth of new, mobile-centric shopper cohorts, if you’re not looking at retail through a mobile-lens, you better start now.

While adapting the e-commerce experience to mobile is largely a decision of look and feel, connecting the store to mobile consumers presents a greater challenge but also, a greater opportunity. Stores have the unique opportunity to connect the dots between a mobile consumer and a retailer. This is especially relevant as what mobile provide customers in terms of convenience, it lacks in providing the experience that consumers, especially Millenials and Gen Z consumers desire. Therefore, there is great opportunity in forging new connections between the store, the cornerstone of the retail experience, and mobile, the superhighway of convenience.

Retailers should consider the following opportunities to create Mobile-Store synergies:

  • Pre-shop the Store Mobile has created a world where consumers are only a tap away from shopping. However, there are still vast chasms between the information customers can access on their devices and their ability to see what’s in a store before they make the decision to go there. Think of all the mobile devices that pass within a radius of a store location completely blind to what’s in that store. Allowing customers to browse and pre-shop at the hyperlocal level is highly relevant in a mobile-first world.


  • Shop the store in the store New shopper cohorts, especially Millennials and Gen Z are often more comfortable interfacing with technology than they are other interacting with people, namely store associates. In fact, 40% Millennials prefer self-service to human interaction. Allowing customers to guide themselves through the in-store experience via their mobile devices is a huge opportunity to generate more value per customer. Additionally, it presents an opportunity to make the store shopping experience more intelligent by bringing new local data to the customer’s attention. You can now guide customers to find something they will want to wear to upcoming music festival next weekend or even a cute new pair of boots that will be perfect to wear tomorrow because rain is in the forecast. This creates an experience that makes brick and mortar more relevant than ever before.


  • Mobile Payments Mobile payment adoption has not quite been the block buster hit that some predicted. A recent study by Mobile payment adoption has not quite been the block buster hit that some predicted. A recent study by has less than a quarter of surveyed mobile users have tried mobile payments at least one time. Nonetheless, it is an important piece of the puzzle retailers need to keep an eye on when thinking about how mobile and brick and mortar can work together. We will no doubt see shifting tides in mobile payments as the number of mobile savvy consumers grows. Some in the food retail space like Starbucks and Panera have seen concentrated but significant adoption of mobile payments from their consumers, so it’s only a matter of time before this trickles to the rest of retail.


  • Mobile Store Associates As mobile is the primary socialization platform for Millenials and Gen Z, the way they want to interact with your store associates is also evolving. Opportunities that allow customers to ask questions and chat with store associates via mobile can yield great opportunity in upselling and cross selling, providing incentives to customers to come into your stores where the opportunities to realize more revenue per customer are compounded.


Realizing these opportunities at the intersection of mobile shoppers and brick and mortar stores can be overwhelming when you consider the orchestration of data, especially surrounding geolocation, mobile OS, store inventory, and other hyperlocal data inputs (weather, events, and more). At Radius8, we’ve done the hard work in connecting this data so that all you have to do is easily plug in and start connecting mobile consumers with your stores. If you’re ready to see a demo of how we can transform the way you think about your stores in a mobile driven world, let us know, we’d be happy to show you all the Radius8 platform has to offer.



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