Radius8 announces new capabilities at Shop.org conference

Sep 28, 2016 5:31:00 AM

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Today, Radius8 announced new capabilities. R8 Social will allow retailers to take the power of their local stores to Facebook in order to drive foot traffic to their brick and mortar stores. Specifically, R8 Social empowers retailers to seamlessly populate Facebook sponsored posts from the Radius8 management console. Powered by Radius8’s trends and analytics platform, local products that are in-stock and highly relevant to the marketplace will be featured in Facebook sponsored ads. Our announcement comes at an exciting time, with Facebook also moving towards supporting local retailing.

Just think of all of the customers you have that visit your stores and e-commerce page, now think of the exponentially greater number of potentialcustomers that spend their time on Facebook and live near your brick and mortar locations.

Historically, for retailers connecting those stores with those potential consumers has been challenging. Now R8 Social lets you forge a direct connect between those potential customers and your stores. Simply pushing an inventory feed to a Facebook is not enough, to be really effective you need to present the true “essence” of that store. What I mean by that, is presenting what is available through the lens of hyperlocal context.

R8 Social allows you to take the full power of the R8 Platform, specifically, location-specific trends and analytics to curate that stream into Facebook. The combination of product streams based on these local trends with the personal target available in Facebook is a force multiplier for your advertising efforts.

If you’re excited at the idea of providing your stores this kind of “digital lasso” that can capture potential customers on Facebook and drive them into your stores, come by our booth LP4 at Shop.org Retail’s Digital Summit or drop us a line and we can tell you more about our new social tools and how we can get you started with Radius8!



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