Gen-Z Shoppers: The Real Scoop

By Carly Martinson on Aug 15, 2018 11:39:00 AM

Carly Martinson is our guest blogger this week. She is a rising Freshman at Babson College, an avid golfer, and resident expert on Gen Z.

As an 18-year old female who has considered shopping to be among my favorite pastimes over the past six years, I feel well qualified to speak on behalf of my fellow Gen-Z consumers when answering the following question:  What is it exactly that attracts young people to browse and spend in some stores and ignore others?   

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Gen-Z Voice: What Does Black Friday's Online Migration Mean for Brick-and-Mortar?

By Sara Chopra on Jan 2, 2018 10:28:00 AM

Over a month after this year’s hectic Thanksgiving weekend, the holiday shopping season is winding down, with a week or two of final sales and returns to close out the year. Looking upon the holiday gifts that we purchased a few weeks ago begs the question of Black Friday’s significance in the face of online presences’ rising prominence. No doubt, the continued onslaught of sales and discount throughout the holiday season will affect the final holiday season scorecard for retail.

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Gen-Z Voice: Leverage Experience To Drive Holiday Foot Traffic

By Sara Chopra on Oct 24, 2017 2:12:30 PM

As winter months draw near, the holiday season approaches, and alongside it comes the accompanying annual rush of shoppers.  Yet as online vendors edge with competitive pricing and convenience to their customers, according to a recent study by Fung Global Retail and Technology, now is the time for your store to draw in audiences with unique opportunities and experiences.

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Gen-Z Voice: Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Store?

By Sara Chopra on Sep 22, 2017 1:49:45 PM

Today, the digital sphere rules Gen-Z and Millennial interactions more than ever.  From tagging a store with an Instagram post to sharing a new purchase via Snapchat, the technologically-involved customer base has its methods of subconscious peer-to-peer store marketing.  Branded ads, posts, and interactions are just parts of the puzzle of winning over younger shoppers— using the right apps and social media platforms for the desired audience can make all the difference.  With Gen-Zs alone possessing $44 billion in buying power, it’s essential that stores make the right moves when targeting these digitally-connected customers.

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Move Aside Millennials, Gen Z Loves the Store Even More

By Radius8 on Sep 8, 2017 3:12:54 PM

98% of Generation Z are walking into stores on a regular basis according to a study by IBM, and greater than 60% actually prefer shopping in store according to Accenture. That’s higher compared to the older Millennial cohort. 

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Millennials Actually Love Stores but do the Numbers Back It Up?

By Radius8 on Aug 30, 2017 5:17:00 PM

It has been an interesting couple of weeks for retail. While earnings reports for traditional mall retailers, perhaps not surprisingly slumped. A slew of other retailers, notably those who have been investing in integrated store experiences and embracing innovation like Nordstrom, reported positive earnings and actual growth in same store growth. Other retailers continue to tweak their current foot print allocations and invest in technology also reported positive numbers. Those included Williams-Sonoma, Abercrombie & Fitch, PVH, Dollar Tree, Burlington Stores, Guess and PVH. This forced Wall Street to admit that perhaps the current doom and gloom retail outlook is not nearly as bad as it may seem. 

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GEN-Z VOICE: From URLs to IRL: Learning to Speak the Language of Gen-Z

By Sara Chopra on Jul 19, 2017 2:06:48 PM

This week we're featuring a guest post from our resident expert on all things Gen-Z - Sara Chopra

Brands constantly attempt to connect with Gen-Z customers, the digitally native generation heavily sought-after by companies, initiatives, and organizations.  However, despite this desire and goal of attracting younger audiences, businesses continue to turn out tone-deaf campaigns and advertisements aimed at this under-21 demographic.

With over $44 billion in buying power, this customer base is a gold mine for brands and stores.   But it takes more than just products, mobile presence, and social media pages to catch up to the younger crowd.  Learn to speak the language of Gen-Z with these tips to maximize online-to-offline movement.

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Gen-Z Voice: Snapchat’s “Paperclip” Introduces New White Space Opportunity to Retailers

By Sara Chopra on Jul 12, 2017 2:02:58 PM

This week we're featuring a guest post from our resident expert on all things Gen-Z - Sara Chopra

Snap, Inc. has developed a new way to connect businesses with customers.  Last Wednesday, Snapchat introduced its new Paperclip update— the app’s first non-paid feature that allows direct linking to website URLs.  Users now have the opportunity to share webpages in conjunction with their Snaps, as well as view links embedded in their friends’ Snaps and Stories.

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Gen-Z Voice: What Yoga Taught Me About My Generation and Retail

By Sara Chopra on Jun 29, 2017 5:23:59 PM

This week we're featuring a guest post from our resident expert on all things Gen-Z - Sara Chopra

Last Wednesday, crowds of young women flocked to New York City’s Times Square, turquoise blue yoga mats in hand.  Here, right outside American Eagle Outfitters’ Aerie store (their women’s loungewear branch), thousands convened for the brand’s “Mind Over Madness” Summer Solstice yoga event.


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