Location: The Common Ground between Stores and the Mobile Consumer

By Radius8 on Dec 21, 2017 2:22:56 PM

Fact: Smartphones drove over $2 Billion in Black Friday Sales

Fact: The Average Consumer Spends at least 5X the time on Amazon’s App Compared the Next Most Used Mobile App


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Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps. How Do They Stack Up?

By Radius8 on Jul 25, 2016 6:42:00 AM

In 2015 Google announced that the number of searches conducted on mobile worldwide exceeded those on desktop for the first time in history. It comes as no surprise that mobile is quickly become the dominant platform for shoppers. The device you carry with you everywhere is poised to become the one that you shop on the most. It’s estimated that by 2020 over $284 billion in sales (45% of total e-commerce sales) will be completed on mobile devices according to Business Insider.

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