A Page from the Amazon Playbook: 3 Ways to Embrace the “Tech Company” Ethos as a Retailer

By Radius8 on May 1, 2018 2:28:04 PM


It is a constant and often repeated maxim – the key to Amazon’s success lies in the fact that the online giant behaves more like a tech company than a retailer. This goes much beyond the fact that AWS contributes a tremendous amount of cash to their bottom line. It’s a mindset and a ethos that drives every decision and strategy.

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How to Leverage Stores and “Play to Win” like Hudson Bay

By Radius8 on Oct 12, 2017 3:41:24 PM

“Closing stores starts a spiral that can’t be stopped,” posited Hudson Bay Company CEO Jerry Storch on stage at Shoptalk in Copenhagen this past Monday. The strategy for 2018 and beyond: Play to Win. Sure, like most retailers, HBC may have a few duds across their chain, but unlike many retailers, they aren’t just closing down stores. Instead, the company which owns the likes of Saks and Lord & Taylor is retooling and investing in underperforming stores, modifying the footprint and concept to better address the local market, and making technology investments that connect stores and online shoppers – driving value to an ever-more integrated set of channels. “Be great in stores and be great online,” according to Storch.

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ShopTalk Europe: Impressive Line-up of Speakers You Won’t Want to Miss!

By Radius8 on Oct 7, 2017 10:53:36 AM

On Monday, the first ever ShopTalk Europe event kicks off in Copenhagen! Top retailers from not just Europe, the US, and around the world will head to the northern European city for this new version of the original, Vegas based event. Shoptalk Europe promises to be a fertile ground for innovators and disruptors looking to the future of retail and the discussions on customer experience, brick and mortar, ecommerce, mobility, logistics, and more.

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Leveraging Outlet Stores, a Bright Spot in Retailing

By Radius8 on Mar 30, 2017 4:08:16 PM

Today’s consumer is more driven by deals and discounts than ever before. This is why we see retailers like TJX experiencing unprecedented growth, while the rest of retail struggles to get foot traffic through the door.

Off-price retailing isn’t a no brainer however. Retailers that have both full-price stores and discount outlets face challenges in today’s retail environment. 

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Shoptalk II: The Sequel Lives Up to The Original

By Radius8 on Mar 24, 2017 10:11:04 AM

As the week comes to an end, it is apparent that the second annual Shoptalk will occupy a place alongside such great sequels as The Empire Strikes Back, Aliens, and The Godfather: Part II. Like the Empire Strikes Back, Shoptalk II was full of surprises and new technologies.

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