Transforming “Store Locator” from Zero to Hero with “Shop Local”

Apr 21, 2017 3:25:05 PM


Store Locator (noun)- A part of the website, often hidden to the user, that displays hours and locations of a retail store. Often the only significant online presence for the physical store. Presents minimal value to customers who often turn to Google to find the store. 


Store locator doesn’t have to be an afterthought. Instead of an abandoned page that most retailers have and hardly care about, store locator could be so much more. However, doing so requires re-thinking what store locator is and can be. Imagine that store locator is not about finding a store, but is instead about discovering a store and the products, people, and market surrounding it. We wouldn’t call this Store Locator because the experience is so much more. This is about a truly enabled store experience online. This is Shop Local.


Shop Local (noun)- A new philosophy for the online presence of the physical store. Shop Local creates a direct connection between the consumer and the store nearest to them. Consumers can discover the local store, it’s inventory, what’s popular in a local market, top trends, what to wear for tomorrow’s weather, events, and more. The experience of walking into a store is just a tap away.


It’s this kind of connection that can transform a piece of on online real estate (store locator) that produces ‘zero’ revenue into a fully connected ‘hero’ experience that drives demand at the hyperlocal level driving not only increased visibility and foot traffic into the store, but also greater online engagement and conversion with customers near those stores.


Shop local bridges the information gap between what is in and around the store, and customers. Shop Local makes the store feel like a connected engaging part of the retail equation, because it is!


The growing Millennial and Gen Z consumer segments are demanding this store philosophy because they are mobile native generations who expect their world on demand. Even Gen Xers and Boomers want the world at their mobile fingertips. For the most part they have it- Uber, Open Table, Amazon.


What’s missing? The physical store.


Shop Local IS the store on-demand.






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